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MindManager 2018!

The newest version of MindManager is here!

26. sep 2017

Your team's success is fueled by information. So it follows that the clearer and more powerful the informationyou work with is, the faster and farther your business will go.

The newest version of MindManager is here!And it is guaranteed to deliver more clarity, meaning and impact to your business-critical information than ever before. Ready to see how? Then join us for a LIVE demonstration of the latest and greatest MindManager features on Wednesday, 11thOctober 2017. (Link to webinar in the bottom of this newsletter)

NEW MindManager 2018 for Windows tools and features include:
Priority View
Isolate your priorities in an uncluttered interface that makes next steps clear.

Digital Architect
Create customized visual structures to better understand your business.

Intelligent Filtering
Focus on one thing, without losing sight of anything.

Schedule View
Organize to-dos in a clean, easy-to-read calendar.

Dashboard Wizard
Program map elements to display real-time changes.

Strategy Toolkit
Visualize new paths to growth and success with 12+ new and improved templates.

Seamlessly share maps with colleagues, partners, customers and more.

Interactive Presentation Export
Put more polish, professionalism and impact into map presentations.

New link titles
to more clearly & quickly identify links to your content.

Expanded file management options
including Dropbox, Box, OneDrive & Google Drive.

Link to webinar: